Our success in underwriting is built on relevance, reputation & multi-year relationships.

Operating through subsidiaries in Bermuda, London and Dublin allows Fidelis to deploy capital nimbly. Through a daily underwriting call, weekly four pillar meetings and monthly risk return committee meetings, we continually keep abreast of market developments, and keep a real time picture of the current underwriting environment.

With State-of-the-Art Underwriting, Aggregation & Risk Management Platforms

Disciplined Underwriting
  • Real time peer review & management of portfolios
  • Active management of risk resulting in unique portfolios
  • Daily underwriting call attended by CEO
Creativity in Bringing
New Products to
  • In-house expertise to innovate client-led solutions
  • Rate Maker rather than Rate Taker
  • Finding growth through first mover advantage
Superior Solutions for Clients
  • Ability to move quickly to deliver bespoke products without cumbersome Lloyd’s restrictions
  • Long-term relationships with quality clients while respecting core broker distribution model
Allocating Risk & Capital
between own & third party
balance sheets for optimised
  • Management has market-leading expertise that manages risk on gross / net basis
  • Active Management of Risk increases capital efficiency
Prudent & proven
underwriting & risk
management framework
  • Focus on maintaining a uniform and consistent underwriting approach
  • Drives consistent capital allocation across different business lines
Key differentiators
  • No legacy data systems
  • In-house development team means fit for Fidelis
  • No black box third party assumptions
  • 2019 Fidelis will be in top 5% of companies on real time catastrophe exposure monitoring
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