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Our innovative reinsurance and retrocession products provide coverage across catastrophe reinsurance, property, specialty reinsurance and specialty insurance lines. We deliver the most effective response to our customers, either on a proportional or excess of loss basis, on our Bermuda, Dublin and London platforms.

Fidelis has achieved sustained growth in Reinsurance since its inception in 2015
  • Strong retail and wholesale broker relations combined with long-standing client relations
  • Market‐leading analytic capabilities, enabling portfolio optimisation
  • Quoted market on 79% of reinsurance business written in 2018
  • Write an optimised blend of regional and nationwide carriers
  • Focus on attachment points exposed to true catastrophe events
  • No property binders

Fidelis outperformed peers in 2017 during the largest catastrophe year on record, 2017 losses have now reduced from 2.9% of equity to 1.8%* as at 12/31/2018.
*Based on 2017 year end total shareholders’ equity

Our team

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