Bespoke Insurance

Listening to clients and using our combined market expertise and nimble, disciplined, underwriting approach we have built a unique book of products that meet bespoke needs. We seek to cover risks where we can generate innovative, tailored and mutually beneficial solutions. Our lines to date include asset – backed non-payment, e-cat, mortgage indemnity, political risks, structured credit, title, tax indemnity and surety.  We offer significant capacity and work with our broking partners to design innovative bespoke solutions to clients needs – both directly and via our sponsorship of MGAs including through our incubator, Pine Walk.


  • Bespoke is a specific risk transfer opportunity often driven by regulatory capital relief, capital efficiency or transaction facilitation versus more traditional drivers of insurance procurement
  • Customised modelling and wordings that closely define that exposure

Characteristics of bespoke products:

  • Highly specialised models and policy wordings, tailored to the risk profile and driven by extensive data history
  • Low and stable attritional loss exposure
  • Carefully defined tail loss exposure
  • Little/no correlation to peak catastrophe perils so highly capital efficient

How is Fidelis positioned to succeed?

  • Fidelis sets and leads the terms and conditions with embedded intellectual property and barriers to entry
  • Each bespoke transaction requires an understanding of the specific risk driver
  • Strong engagement with counterparties and technical expertise is key

Our team

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