Diversity & Inclusion

We are all different, and we believe that developing and maintaining a diverse and inclusive organisation is critical to our success; allowing us to recruit the broadest range of talent and to fully engage the collective sum of our life experiences, knowledge, and expertise. Fidelis is committed to creating an environment which recognises and appreciates our differences, embraces our unique characteristics, skills and attributes, and promotes a sense of belonging, respect and value for all our employees, at all times.

To support that commitment, Fidelis invites dialogue and learning from all employees in relation to diversity & inclusion through annual facilitated discussions. In addition we ensure that our recruitment processes are fair and free from any bias – with all our hiring managers being given unconscious bias training – to make sure that we are recruiting and taking on the best candidates for our roles.

It is important to us that we pay all our employees fairly and appropriately.  We are confident that we do this through our analysis of our pay, including in relation to reviewing any differences in pay between employees based on their gender.  We pay particular attention during hiring and annual compensation reviews to ensure that pay is marked to market, rather than prior salary, as part of our processes to make sure we are paying people fairly. 

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