The Fidelis Foundation

In early 2021 Fidelis expects to finalise the establishment of its charitable body, The Fidelis Foundation (the “Foundation”). Fidelis intends to contribute a meaningful percentage of its profit on an annual basis to the Foundation and very much looks forward to increasing already significant support of local charities. The Foundation shall provide a platform to enable a culture of altruism and philanthropy aligned with company values. We and in due course the Foundation, fund charities we believe in and in particular those that are: efficient, financially sustainable, diverse and exclusively charitable. Following the establishment of the Foundation, the annual budget for charitable donations will be based on a percentage of Fidelis’s profit subject to a cap.

Charities We Support

Fidelis strongly believe in supporting our local communities and charities that operate in them and around the world. We aim to directly contribute and influence meaningful change through charitable giving as well as adopting mentoring programmes for some of the charities we support.

Since the start of 2020, we have donated in excess of $1m to support the following charities. 

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda

    Founded in 1978, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda (BBBS) is a charity whose mission is to provide quality mentoring relationships to young people in need, helping them to reach their full potential. 91% of children involved with Big Brothers & Big Sisters Programs experience a sharp rise in self-esteem, 70% do better in school, and 73% stay out of trouble with the law.

    Fidelis has partnered with BBBS to set up an after-school mentoring program where our employees will provide educational guidance, personal support, and access to industry in order to build self-esteem and nurture potential amongst Bermuda’s public-school children.


  • The Coalition for the Protection of Children

    The Coalition for the Protection of Children (CPC) was established in 1992 to address the need for a non-governmental organization to advocate on behalf of children and their families. Their mission is to heighten public awareness of children's issues, advocate on behalf of families and provide services which address critical but unmet needs. They currently operate a walk-in crisis intervention center, offer grocery support for struggling families, and an educational fund for caregivers who are looking to improve their skills. They also facilitate 2 school-based programs: Speak up Be Safe, which is a child abuse prevention program and the Breakfast Program.

    Fidelis has partnered with CPC to provide financial support to their Breakfast Program, which serves breakfast every day of the school year in 13 Public Schools, ensuring no child goes hungry.


  • The Eliza DoLittle Society

    Founded in 2002, The Eliza DoLittle Society’s (TEDS) is a charity whose mission is to provide healthy and nutritious solutions to the food insecure in Bermuda with the aim of enhancing their quality of life. 

    From July 2019 – June 2020 TEDS provided 64,170 meals, a 36% increase over the prior financial year. This was mostly due to the unprecedented need caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  A total of 50,807 meals were served between March – September 2020. 

    Fidelis has partnered with TEDS through financial donations and employee volunteering.

    Visit to learn more about The Eliza DoLittle Society.

  • Bermuda Foundation

    Founded in 2014, the Bermuda Foundation (BF) is a public grantmaking organization designed to pool, steward and deploy donations from unrelated donors, dedicated to the improvement of Bermuda.  In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the foundation established the Bermuda Emergency Fund.

    During the pandemic, the foundation coordinated the efforts of those emergency funds by providing meals to the food insecure, shelter to the homeless, mental health support to those with special needs, distribution of medication to those with inadequate health coverage, safety for those fleeing from domestic abuse and assisting elderly care homes by ensuring that they had adequate Wi-Fi /technology.

    Fidelis supports BF through financial donations to ensure that those marginalized and disadvantaged receive the necessary care.

    Visit to learn more about the Bermuda Foundation

  • Family Centre

    Founded in 1990, the Family Centre’s (FC) mission is to empower the community with the knowledge, resources and support needed to safeguard the wellbeing of Bermuda’s children through counselling services and community outreach programmes.

    The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has seen an increase in demand for mental health services that is having an impact on family life and the wellbeing of children, confirming the demand for the services of the FC. All services provided are at no cost to families.

    Fidelis has partnered with FC to fund programmes and services provided to assist vulnerable families.

     Visit to learn more about Family Centre

  • Life Through Sport

    Founded in 2015, Life Through Sport’s (LTS) mandate is to serve young men between the ages of 16-25 through the use of various programs, facilitate their growth in the areas of athletics, education, preparedness and career readiness.  LTS has established partnerships with schools, sports clubs, companies and employers to provide education and job opportunities to their participants.

    Fidelis has partnered with LTS by providing both financial sponsorship and employee driven leadership courses.

    Visit to learn more about Life Through Sport

  • Women’s Resource Centre

    Founded in 1987, the Women’s Resource Centre (WRC) Strategic Plan is to fulfil their mission through a proactive approach, as a centralized collaborative Resource for Women of all ages, to help build resilience, navigate life challenges and opportunities, and empower them through life transitions.

    The WRC’s services include counselling and support services, awareness and education workshops and panel discussions and events that promote gender equality.

    Fidelis has partnered with the WRC by providing monetary support to help realize their mission to empower women as they move forward despite life’s challenges.

    Visit to learn more about the Women’s Resource Centre

  • Tomorrow's Voices

    Founded in 2007, Tomorrow's Voices is a non-profit registered charity which acts as an early intervention center designed to meet the needs of people who are diagnosed with Autism or on the Autism spectrum.

    Fidelis has partnered with Tomorrow's Voices to provide financial support towards their intensive therapy classrooms, natural environment therapy spaces, sensory room, library and play area where they teach children critical language skills, functional activities, socialisation, initiation/spontaneity and generalisation of mastered concepts/skills.

    Tomorrow's Voices provide children with the skills to assist with reintegration into neighbourhood schools with minimal supervision and to provide a better quality of life through intervention.

    Most importantly the charity gives parents and guardians the ability to access high end, research based, medically necessary services at an affordable cost to ensure their children access the clinical services they need, subsidising the cost of therapeutic one-on-one ABA services to parents & guardians by an estimated 80%.

    In the future we hope to partner with Tomorrow's Voices to support their adult programme participants, through mentorship/work programmes and supporting outside of a volunteer or financial capacity.

    Visit their website to learn more.

  • The Reading Clinic

    Founded in 1968, The Reading Clinic is a non-profit registered charity which acts to help students who have dyslexia and specific language-based learning differences.

    In line with our commitment to diversity and inclusion, Fidelis have partnered with The Reading Clinic to provide financial support towards their support services, specialised tutors and psychologists who travel into Government pre-schools and provide specialized tutoring for students as well as providing workshops and training to educators, in the absence of formal programmes, for neurodivergent students.

    Visit their website to learn more.

  • FareShare

    FareShare is the UK’s national network of charitable food redistributors, made up of 17 independent organisations. Together, they take good quality surplus food from right across the food industry and get it to almost 11,000 frontline charities and community groups. 

    The food that is redistributed is nutritious, in-date and good to eat. It reaches charities across the UK, including school breakfast clubs, older people’s lunch clubs, homeless shelters, and community cafes. Every week they provide enough food to create over a million meals for vulnerable people.

    Since April 2020 donations from Fidelis Insurance have helped FareShare to distribute the equivalent of over 360,000 meals to vulnerable people across the UK. This is on top of our efforts in in 2019 when donations helped FareShare distribute the equivalent of approximately 20,000 meals. In 2019 there were 61 Fidelis volunteers who went to support them in their Regional Centre, helping with vital tasks such as delivering food to communities and sorting food in the warehouse.

  • The Brokerage

    A social mobility charity committed to breaking the corporate mould.  They believe in equal access to opportunity irrespective of background or race, and talented young people getting the jobs they deserve in a world where their ability and aspiration alone determine their career path.  For nearly 25 years they have supported disadvantaged young people achieve their career potential; providing opportunity and helping them take their first step into a professional career.   Their award winning programmes have helped thousands of talented young people.  They also work with employers to drive a culture shift in the workplace, helping them make meaningful change and include diverse talent irrespective of background or race.  Together, with corporate partners, alumni and volunteers, they are Changemakers; every day they see the impact of their work and the life changing effect it has on thousands of young people each year.

    Fidelis is now a bronze partner which involves working closely with the Brokerage to support their vision.  We have previously and intend to continue to offer internships and job opportunities to Brokerage candidates – a number of our existing staff came through this channel.

  • St. Giles Trust

    ST GILES is a charity using expertise and the real-life past experiences of their team to empower people who are living in poverty, are at risk of exploitation, who are caught up in crime, or a combination of all these issues. St Giles helps nearly 25,000 people each year through their services across the UK. Every £1 invested in the charity results in a £8.34 saving to the taxpayer.

    Fidelis has partnered with St Giles through financial donations in 2020 and additionally has engaged in a long term partnership to provide executive mentoring to high-potential employees within the St Giles team. This multi-year mentoring programme of key St Giles employees by the Fidelis leadership team is intended to equip the St Giles team with the skills, confidence, and business acumen to effectively drive forward the St Giles agenda. The programme is currently being extended to include a wider range of Fidelis team mentors, and, once Covid restrictions allow, will also include volunteering opportunities for Fidelis staff.

  • ACIN

    The ACIN was formed to boost black and minority ethnic representation within the insurance industry by way of increasing cultural competence in the London market and making the Insurance sector a more attractive destination for young ethnic professionals. Their work includes: graduate recruitment, internships and work experience; networking and events; and, industry focused research & study.  The ACIN implements an expansive network between its members, black and minority ethnic Insurance professionals, diversity thought leaders, its corporate sponsors, relationships with overseas insurance associations & Educational institutions.

    Fidelis is a gold sponsor meaning we support the ACIN to achieve its objectives and promote career opportunities to their network

  • BLM

    Black Lives Matter - South Bend (Indiana) (BLM – South Bend) is a local chapter of the Black Lives Matter Global Network. The charity seeks social, economic, environmental, political, and legal justice for all people of the African Diaspora in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan. The charity believes that no one is free until Black people are free, because Black people have been personally and systematically deprived of power and the charity aims to empower Black people to reclaim it for themselves.

    Fidelis has partnered with BLM – South Bend to fund its inaugural Fannie Lou Hamer Youth Fellowship program. The 8-week-long fellowship provides five South Bend Black youths, ranging between 16 - 20 years old, skills and

    training needed for community organizing.


  • Child Bereavement UK

    What they do:

    Child Bereavement UK helps children, parents and families to rebuild their lives when a child grieves or when a child dies. They support children and young people up to the age of 25 who are facing bereavement, and anyone affected by the death of a child of any age.

    They provide training to professionals in health and social care, education, and the voluntary and corporate sectors, equipping them to provide the best possible care to bereaved families.

    Vision & Mission:

    Their vision is for all families to have the support they need to rebuild their lives, when a child grieves or when a child dies.

    Their mission is to ensure the accessibility of high-quality child bereavement support and information to all families and professionals by increasing our reach and plugging the gaps that exist in bereavement support and training across the country. 

    Fidelis made a donation in 2020 to help with their mission.

  • Umoja Boys

    What they do:

    Umoja Boys is a UK and Kenya based charity that exists to respond to the issue of street children in Kenya. We provide training to professionals in health and social care, education, and the voluntary and corporate sectors, equipping them to provide the best possible care to bereaved families. Umoja Boys is passionate about transforming the lives of children living on the streets. We set-up and ran a Rescue Centre for street-living boys in Mombasa and ran it successfully for two years, before moving operations to Nairobi in 2017. Our programme contains three main stages: 1) Rescue, 2) Rehabilitation & 3) Restoration

    Vision & Mission:

    Our vision is for all families to have the support they need to rebuild their lives, when a child grieves or when a child dies. Our mission is to ensure the accessibility of high-quality child bereavement support and information to all families and professionals by increasing our reach and plugging the gaps that exist in bereavement support and training across the country.

  • Irish Refugee Council

    The Irish Refugee Council supports people seeking protection and refugees in Ireland. They are generally the first point of contact and offer financial & legal advice focussed mainly on housing, education, employment, youth work and resettlement supporting people who are in or have been through the asylum process. They also undertake advocacy aimed at improving the asylum procedure, reception conditions in relation to Ireland’s engagement with EU refugee policy.

    Fidelis supports several their programmes through financial donation, primarily an Education Support Programme which identifies funding for asylum seekers and refugees wishing to gain access to education or training. Fidelis also support an Employment Programme aiming to assist beneficiaries of protection in accessing the labour market. 

  • FoodCloud

    Fidelis are proud to be associated with FoodCloud, a multi award-winning social enterprise that enables the redistribution of surplus food from industry to the charity sector. FoodCloud, since inception, has helped ensure 100 million meals have gone to people and not to waste.  With Fidelis’ support, FoodCloud have increased their impact, in particular with regards to operations.

    Click here to find out more about FoodCloud -


    Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) was founded in 2013 to tackle the growing homeless problem in Dublin. The charity now has over 200 volunteers and is privately funded. They provide a 7 night a week outreach service across Dublin City that helps up to 140 rough sleepers each night by providing food, clothing and sleeping equipment. Their offices are open for support services 14 hours a day. ICHH also provide food parcels to families who are living in emergency accommodation. ICHH received the European Parliaments’ ‘European Citizens Prize’ award in 2018.

    Fidelis are proud to work with ICHH and to provide financial support for their nightly outreach programme.

    Click here to find out more about ICHH:


    INAR (Irish Network Against Racism) is a national network of over 100 anti-racism civil society organisations which aims to work collectively to highlight and address the racism in Ireland through the promotion and monitoring of Irish, EU and global trends and anti-racist initiatives. INAR is an active member of the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) based in Brussels, a network of 160 organisations from 30 European States. INAR actively collaborates with the ENAR to coordinate research initiatives, campaigns and mobilisations, bringing a European dimension to Ireland and vice-versa.

    Fidelis is supporting INAR in a 1 year project do an in-depth Policy consultation with its Network members, minority-led groups and other civil society organisations in Ireland, on how Ireland should meet its United Nations obligations with regards a National Action Plan Against Racism (NAPAR)

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