Carbon Positivity Statement

Fidelis is a market leader in risk management solutions and fully recognises that human activity is impacting climate change, and the implication that climate change has on us as insurers, investors, citizens and employers. As an office based service company our impact is not as significant as other employers, however we are committed to being responsible with our use of resources. Specifically, we are committed to:

  • measuring and offsetting our carbon emissions
  • limiting the use of our resources and utilising effective waste management systems
  • limiting our use of paper
  • judicious use of business travel
  • employing energy smart practices

We endorse and support the Association of Bermudian Insurers and Reinsurers (ABIR’s) Policy Statement: Climate Change and Building Resilience.

Our total Corporate Carbon Footprint for 2018 was 1,260.6 tonnes of COusing the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard. The most important emission sources were business travel with 55.1%, followed by electricity with 33.2% and employee commuting with 4.0%.

We have offset 125% of our carbon emissions with Climate Partner by contributing towards a Papua New Guinea Forest Protection project. This project protects a vast natural carbon sink from deforestation which in turn is protecting an important habitat for over 200,000 species of plants and animals. In addition to forest protection, this project also works towards helping the local communities by improving health and education. The project has achieved a Gold Level Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard which requires a total set of 14 social and ecological requirements to be met.

We have an active Green Team who are committed to educating our employees on how each of us can lessen our impact on the environment and support positive change.

In regard to anti-coal initiatives, we take a considered approach. In general, we do not offer insurance to companies that cannot provide evidence that they meet appropriate environmental standards. However, we are conscious that coal projects can be essential to improving emerging market economies and that the adverse environmental effects can vary depending upon the technology used.

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