Environment & Sustainability Statement

Fidelis Insurance and our planet

Fidelis is a market leading provider in risk management solutions and we are committed to reducing our negative impact on the planet as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods.

This includes (but is not limited to) our carbon footprint, energy usage, recycling and waste management. We are committed to staying abreast of environmental news and will implement new measures that are proven to make a positive impact.

Fidelis Insurance Green Team

The Fidelis Green Team is made up of colleagues from all of our international offices. We collaborate and brainstorm ways to promote and implement actions along new ideas.  We continuously monitor our energy usage, waste production and carbon footprint to ensure Fidelis stays vigilant in reducing its negative impact on the environment.  All of our employees are responsible for working with the Green Team to help us achieve our aims, targets and objectives.  This includes liaising with suppliers and third parties to establish eco-friendly practices.

Employee Awareness and Training

Fidelis is committed to encouraging employees to recycle everything they can both at home and at work. We provide regular training and Q&A sessions to help employees with their efforts.  Regular newsletters are circulated to all staff keeping them informed about news, updates on our projects and useful green initiatives. At all times employees are encouraged to share their ideas and experiences in order to help the Green Team.  Fidelis encourages all employees to attend various presentations from external parties which may help them better understand how they can become more eco friendly in their daily lives.

Managing our impact

We calculate our carbon footprint by capturing data from all areas of our business in order to fully enable carbon off setting company-wide.  In 2017 and 2018 we offset 125% of our carbon emissions but in 2019 Fidelis increased the offset to 150% of our carbon footprint. The main emission sources were business travel with 70%, followed by electricity with 24% and employee commuting with 5.1%.

We take advantage of local recycling and waste management schemes to avoid unnecessary landfill wherever possible.  We use recycled, sustainable sources for all paper and have distributed reusable coffee cups and tote bags to all staff. We also regularly test new sustainable products for potential adoption.

Below is Our vision for the future which acts as our guide for all Green Team discussions:

  • Allow our Green initiatives to evolve and grow
  • Eliminate single use plastics in our offices
  • Recycle over 90% of our waste
  • Investigate new and exciting Green initiatives that push us to the forefront of environmental protection
  • Engage more in our local communities to help local projects.
  • Establish regular and transparent reporting on our initiatives
  • Move to eco-friendly cleaning products in all offices

In our underwriting we try to take account of environmental, social and governance issues as well as normal underwriting metrics.  For example:-

In regard to anti-coal initiatives, we look to drive the acceleration of change by not offering insurance to companies that extract coal or generate energy using coal.

In political risk underwriting we require and review social, economic and environmental impact studies for infrastructure projects.

We consider animal welfare as a top priority and decline intensive farming, abattoirs and animal testing.

For any queries please contact greenteam@fidelisinsurance.com

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