Black Lives Matter

Following the murder of George Floyd on 25th May 2020, we have been reflecting on the continuation of the racist atrocities against Black Americans in the United States and against Black and Minority Ethnic and immigrant populations worldwide and the part we need to play.  

We recognise the terrible impact of racism on its victims – socially, economically, educationally, legally, psychologically and in so many other pervious forms. 

We want to actively participate in anti-racism and the eradication of racism.  To do so, we first need to educate ourselves, so each member of staff will be receiving a book to read, reflect, digest and then take action. 

In addition, we want to be actively involved in our communities, each of which suffers from the impact of racism – and work with each community not only to have the dialogue about racism, but to effect change.

We are committed to this and are making immediate donations of $275,000 to organisations that will play a part in fighting racism and creating opportunities to right the wrongs that have been happening over hundreds of years.  We have selected organisations that will also allow us to work with them in being part of the solution, and our staff are eager to participate in this change. This initiative will be long term, and further funding will be provided in future.  

We stand with Black Lives Matter. We take the knee. We will play our part in creating change.

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